Fired Up….

Themed 365 Project

….for a shot of a few friends and their bikes. I had but 20 minutes to take each guy individually and then as a group. I decided to post this shot first because I love the angle. From below I was able to get not only the bikes and the guys but also that awesome sky. Other than a bit of distortion from my Sigma 10-20mm I love everything else.

Does anyone have any other recommendations for taking these kind of shots. I love to hear your ideas. Thanks!


12 thoughts on “Fired Up….

  1. I love this, Mike. Black and white is wonderful for it. And no, I sure can’t think of any ways to improve it. I hope you’ll show more from this shoot.

  2. Love the down low perspective and the angle…and most of all how that sky gives this whole image a sense of motion! AWESOME portrait…they are gonna love this!

  3. Great shot in every way…..only thing I can add to what’s already been said is that I love how your emphasized the wheels. Your friends must love it!!!

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