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Just got a new Dell XPS and the thing is fast as hell but having a hard time transferring files etc. to it. Anybody have any helpful hints?


13 thoughts on “Uggghhhh…..

  1. Ah….the downside of a new computer. Easiest way for me was to use an external hard drive. If your new beast has a 3.0 USB port, and your EHD supports it, the move should go somewhat quickly…

    Have fun! Nothing better than a shiny new computer!

    1. Have a external but it’s 95% full so I’m reorganizing on my old computer and then transferring to the new…Currently transferring 45 gb of photos and it’s taking close to 1 hour and 15 minutes through a network. Time for a nap:)

      1. Mike, I actually use two external drives — one that I use everyday and one that I do a back up to. I do have a few files on the laptop but once I’ve completed what I’m going to do — I make sure they are back on the external. To me it’s the only safe way and keeps the laptop running quicker. It seems that the programs are all so big today it’s the only way I can keep things clean. My email etc all goes to laptop so that clogs it up enough! Hope that helps. By the way — I also us a small external 500 gig that I travel with — then backup when I get home.

  2. When I have renewed I have used a cable to port all the stuff from one to the other…from memory (cos its been a while) it was a 9 pin affair….but I would guess there is a USB version now

  3. I would go with Sheila. External hard drives are cheap. My two cents – the people who just worked on my computer (hard drive failed) steered me a way from Western Digital. I guess they see the most problems with that one. They prefer Seagate. My two cents.

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