Extended Dynamic Range…

Themed 365 Project

Yes it is extended…..4 seconds exposure for the lights and 30 seconds exposure for the lower wall, and this didn’t even capture enough of the details in the statue on the wall. I think another 5-10 seconds was needed to properly expose for that part of the scene. In the end though I’m pretty satisfied that I captured the essence of the scene. What a beautiful place…. BTW the main alter can be seen here.

10 thoughts on “Extended Dynamic Range…

  1. Sorry for a silly question Mike, but I don’t have a lens that would capture all that detail in one hit, over those extended times. So to the question, Is it possible to merge two images stacked one on the other, say by cutting that image at the line on the wall just below those stunning stained glass windows.. I have merged side to side but just got thinking how I would handle this shot, which I love heaps.

      1. Thanks MikeC but since PSE9 there has been a Layer Mask in Elements and I now use 10 and I use it a lot, but I hadn’t thought of Layer masks for this I was asking about Photomerge, but I would be willing to have a look at masking when time permits, Thanks Again for the reply.

    1. Ron, just saw your question now and I’m not dodging it but will answer later today when I have more time….you have several options here!

  2. Great result….in response to your Q on my ‘Garden’ image I have dabbled in HDR without any great results thus far….I will take a look at your HDR tutorial and come back with any Q’s and then give it a go

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