The Smell Is In The Air…

Themed 365 Project

Geez, the last few weeks have been crazy busy doing all kinds of stuff and although basketball is almost over, softball is right around the corner and that just increases the madness. But I have to say with the temperature reaching 63 today here in New Jersey the smell of spring was in the air.

With that I decided to post this shot from last summer mainly because it reminds me of the times in which we get to stop and take in scenes that this that rejuvenate the body. At least for me anyway….I am not a cold weather person and enjoy more of what the warmer weather brings compared to winter. Although the cold weather is certainly not over I do get a bit fired up when thinking about warmer weather activities. I’m sure some of you are like me in that respect and to you I hope you feel the warmth coming from this picture. her’s to warmer weather!


8 thoughts on “The Smell Is In The Air…

  1. I’d love to be witness to that scenery, winter or summer. I think this must be a self-portrait? That is a terrific idea to document you along with the ocean that is the subject of your best images.

  2. You definitely warmed me up with this one…those are some HOT colors! Beautiful, as always Mike!

    Yesterday when I walked into my son’s oral surgeon appt it was almost 60 degrees, and when I walked out an hour later the temps dropped down to 34 degrees…plus we got 3 inches of snow. Hope that isn’t heading your way! I’m with you…wanting those warmer temps!

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