The Atlantic…Something From Nothing

Themed 365 Project


The conditions this morning were perfect for producing dull and uninspiring photographic results. I decided to import a few of my shots into my Ipad to see if I could make something out of nothing utilizing portable apps called Photoshop Express, Snapseed, PhotoPal and WordPress.

After importing to my Ipad I decided initially to use Photoshop Express for basic straightening and cropping. Not many features in Express so I then popped the image into Snapseed and that’s when my image came alive, WOW. I picked the Grunge tab, adjusted the texture, ambiance and saturation and instantaneously the image transformed into something much more compelling. I did have a problem with the dust spots so I searched for an app with a spot reduction tool and found Photopal…what a great little program, loaded with features for .99 cents.



Although not a masterpiece, I think this post shows the power of processing in today’s world of technology. These four apps cost me $7, offer endless possibilities and can turn nothing into something.

I say give them a try, you have nothing to lose….except $7.


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