Not Usually My Cup Of Tea…

Themed 365 Project


But this particular piece of art (not the one on the wall:)) immediately  caught my eye as I walked through one of the foyers in a hotel in the City Center in Las Vegas. I can’t remember which one since it was so long ago but I’ve always remembered this piece and just now I’ve decided to post it.

After 2 or 3 years I still look at this sculpture(?) with quite a bit of awe, wishing I had even a minute bit of the creative eye of it’s designer. I feel this many times as I look at many of your photos and the photos og Google+, 500 pxs, and flickr. I guess this is what keeps me striving for better photos.

Have you ever taken a shot of a piece of art that has inspired you? Why not post a link to it in my comments section for all to see.

7 thoughts on “Not Usually My Cup Of Tea…

  1. This could not have been easy to get such a nice exposure on. Don’t see any blown highlights! Love how everything in this image compliments each other…..even the design in the wall paper! Am sure the wall art must have been chosen with that purpose. Couldn’t see this working with anything other than B/W.

  2. The flowing liquid metal effect was captured so well by the artist and a well done photo of it by you. I almost expect the sculpture to reform itself as I watch. Off hand I can’t think of any one particular piece of art that inspires me….I guess I am constantly amazed by all the wonderful complex patterns present in nature (particularly flowers and other growing things)

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