Flash Quest….

Themed 365 Project

My quest here was to introduce a faux camera flash that would produce some sort of lens flare in the scene. I used the lens flare filter in Elements 10. Can’t tell if it looks more like sun glare off a window in the background.

How’d I do?

If anyone has a better technique or suggestions let me know….


7 thoughts on “Flash Quest….

  1. Not something I’ve tried Mike so haven’t got any suggestions for alternative methods…my feeling is the flare is a bit strong…other than that the result looks like it might be a great technique

  2. I agree that the flare is a bit strong as well. It does look like a very strong reflection and a bit unnatural. Any way you can reduce the flash strength? If not, fade the buildings color in the background as if everything is drenched in light. It might create a more natural look.

  3. I saw the Cruise version of War of the Worlds and believe me your image is much better than that movie, lol. No help here for approach to the idea you have – this does look more like sun flare.

  4. Cool effect, you’ve added nice drama,seems like the color of the bottom green one is too strong, it looks almost like a bubble. I don’t know any other way to add them in post.

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