By Request…

Themed 365 Project

It’s not exactly the request that Ron wanted but it got me thinking about how I can make this shot more interesting. I don’t own a fisheye lens and although the Sigma 10-20mm can emulate a fisheye to some extent I had to push the distortion slider in Lightroom to achieve this look.

Many of these officers quarters are in quite disrepair and although I’d love to shoot the interiors I’m sure it’s near impossible.

In any event here it is, take it or leave it.


12 thoughts on “By Request…

  1. But Oh so close Buddy and maybe better than my idea as you have been able to retain so many in shot. This is a superb shot, and only a slight disappointment to ME who has always believed the Earth Flat but your shot indicates Round – Heretic – LoL!

  2. Mike… I think Pat might love this shot. May have to get a print for his office. Let me mull it over. Could I get a print if it works out? I think I told you how fascinated he is over these houses.

  3. Keep coming back to this image and for some reason it just doesn’t work for me……maybe because I am so familiar with these houses. Looking at it today I’m wondering if you cropped up on the walkway making it more of a panorama would work? However, since others seem to really like the shot I’m probably NOT the one to listen to!!!!

  4. Could I love this more? I love how the houses are accentuated by the sunlight and the composition. The natural gradient on the sky is very pretty. The slope of the horizon is surreal and out of context the nearly identical housing is also sort of “fake” looking. Honestly, it all looks fairly Seussish and I really enjoy the effect and feel of this shot.

  5. I’m another fan of this photo. I think for some reason it is so poignant knowing it is an abandoned community that was once full of life. The distortion that you created and the lighting with the uneven sunshine/shadow patterns really adds to the sadness of these empty dwellings and skeletal trees.

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