You’ve Inspired Me….

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I have seen many of you utilizing the Topaz products lately and that has inspired me to put together a post regarding it’s many uses in my photography.

I know there are many products available from Topaz Labs and many of you use them. My line-up includes Topaz Adjust 5 and Topaz Simplify. I have to say I love both of them and utilize them in almost all of my shots. They both serve individual purposes, Adjust for detail enhancement and Topaz Simplify to present my photos with more of an artistic style. Each product delivers a completely different result, perfect for my needs.

The above posted shot was from Red Rock Canyon, taken a few years ago. It was processed in Topaz Adjust 5 with the following settings……BTW clicking on the images should give you larger view….

My main thought was to bring out the details as much as possible given the small posting size on the web and the limits of my Canon XTI. Topaz has done this perfectly with these settings. You can use these as a starting point and always adjust them to your likings.

My next creative thought was to turn this into a piece of art using Topaz Simplify 3. I usually just utilize the BizSum preset which reduces the details fairly significantly but still retaining the basic elements of the shot. The result can be seen below…..

My final step is the recessed border and that’s processed in Photoshop Elements 10. I really like how this finishes off the piece. My tutorial for this border can be found here.

I hope this gives you some insight into my thought process and inspires you as much as you’ve inspired me. A big part of my purpose for blogging is to help others develop skills to produce better photos. I hope this has helped and please let me know if you have any questions.

One last question for you…. there’s been some talk over at the village about printing on metal. Do you think this is the type of photo that would do well on that medium? Thanks for your help.



9 thoughts on “You’ve Inspired Me….

  1. Mike, I can definitely say this would look outstanding on metal, if the photos I had done (all landscapes) are any indication. The colors just pop!

  2. Topaz filters are an addiction of mine…I use a bit of topaz in about everything I do! I am in love with your results and absolutely love that image!

    You asked me if my post “Heavy” was straight out of the camera…answer is no…I adjusted the levels in PSE10 and then added the mild detail setting from topaz adjust and lowered the opacity to about 25%. A 30 second edit. 🙂

  3. Hi Mike. I really like where you have taken this photo in terms of processing. It’s really quite addictive to look at. The border, though I like the style, personally I might have sampled the dark orange colour from the rocks to use for the frame. Just feel that this would have made the image and the frame more cohesive. As it stands, the frame blends quite closely with the foreground, and contrasts with the sky. Using the dark orange, which is already in the shot would, I feel, contrast equally with both, whilst maintaining the colour scheme of the composition.

    But, these are only my opinions. I bet a thousand others would have a thousand more.

    Whatever, you have a cracking good shot.


    1. Thanks for the comments Mike, it’s always good to get everyone’s insight into my shots. I’m going to give that a shot and will post it asap. Hope you take a look.

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