Yankee Stadium…

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Not exactly…..

For nearly 80 years Fort Hancock, located on Sandy Hook, provided coastal defense for the harbor of New York City. From the first disappearing mortar batteries to housing Nike missiles during the Cold War Fort Hancock has housed some of Americas finest weapons and military men and women.

But on April 5, 1943 a defense of a different kind had overrun this military base. The finest athletes of Fort Hancock defended their home turf on this field against a New York Yankee baseball team that would go on to win the World Series 6 months later. The Fort Hancock team lost 7-2 to probably their most formidable opponent in their 80 years of occupancy of Sandy Hook. According to this plaque the only remaining artifact of this event is the backstop you see in the picture above.

Hope you enjoyed your visit today on Super Bowl Sunday and I’d like to say “Go Giants” but as a Dallas Cowboys fan that’s nearly impossible.

9 thoughts on “Yankee Stadium…

  1. I would love a close up on one or two of the buildings all in a row, they look intriguing. Are the Giants a cricket team playing in the Hyperbowl? I mean it is Cricket season!

  2. You can’t come to my house rooting for the Pats. It’s just not right. Yet, I’m sure that my “Pat” will be happy for the company.

  3. The light is great in this, and I love the altered one. Here ion the other coast are similar officer buildings at another coastal defense fort, I’ll take my fisheye optic for the Lensbaby some day.

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