You Never Know….

Themed 365 Project

My original idea to photograph the beacon and stars together(similar to this beautiful shot) turned out to be a bust so before the sun came up I was determined to find something to make my visit worth it.  I walked around this damn lighthouse 3 to 4 times before settling on a few perspectives and this one turned out the best.

Shooting at this time of day can be very frustrating due to the low light environment. I wanted to shoot at an aperture around f/8 or so but with a light wind and bracketing this becomes difficult.  A smaller f-stop would help with quicker shutter speeds but sharpness throughout the scene becomes an issue because of the shallow depth of field.  Additionally my Sigma 10-20 did an awful lot of hunting too boot, eventually I found the proper focus I set the lens to manual and banged out 3 brackets.

In post I exported my 3 shots into Photomatix and after making a couple of adjustments to several sliders I hit the save and re-import button. Now the fun begins…. After playing with the clarity slider and the brightness adjustment brush I sent a copy to Topaz Adjust 5. Adjust 5 saves the last setting used and immediately loved the result. Wish I could tell you the settings but I imported back to lightroom to finish off the shot by adjusting the hue in the sky. This is the result, I hope you enjoy it.


11 thoughts on “You Never Know….

  1. Boy, you and Ron are really good about this early morning stuff…….and with great results! Hope you got a warmer morning cause I know Sandy Hook can be brutal in the wind! Like the glow reflected in the downstairs windows. This is not your typical Sandy Hook perspective and I think you did well in making it your own. Wonderful early morning feel with a nice view of the interior through the window.

  2. Great result Mike I really love the peeky little stars struggling to be seen past that beautifully warm rich light! I think adaptability is something you should always carry in your camera bag!

  3. Well it may not be what you envisaged taking on the night Mike….but it’s a beauty. Great to learn about the trouble you went to in post to achieve the result. The adjustment brush in LR is something I haven’t got full control of yet but I will eventually; and Topaz Adjust raises its head again…gotta get me that package…..

  4. Glad you persisted! The resulting image is stunning! I do appreciate your explanation of the steps that you to this point. I really like Topaz Adjust, B&W Effects, etc. I am just scratching the surface though.

  5. I think all your hard work paid off…there is so much dimension that I feel as though I am standing right there next to the lighthouse. The lighting is very intriguing. I purchased the Topaz Adjust and Lens Effects but sadly haven’t even tried it yet. So inspiring to see what you do with the Adjust.

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