Adult Activities….

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…well not really!

The Casino building, located in Asbury Park, New Jersey, was built in 1929 and ironically did not house any gambling. In it’s heyday this structure offered 3 sections and housed amusements such as a indoor/outdoor roller rink, an ice skating rink, a carousel, skee ball and bumper cars.

For you movie buffs, the Casino complex was used as a setting in the movie “City By The Sea” starring Robert DeNiro and several scenes from one of my favorite TV series, “The Sopranos” was filmed just steps from here. Finally, for you video gamers, you might recognize this building from Grand Theft Auto IV. It was rendered as “The Alderney Casino”, an abandoned casino.

The Casino along with the nearby Palace amusements and The Convention Hall formed the core of Asbury Park’s historical amusement attractions. Sadly the complex has been allowed to deteriorate for decades and plans have been proposed to replace it with a similarly built structure, albeit without a skating rink, yet no construction has begun on a permanent replacement for the complex to date.

The photo on my home page was shot from inside this building. Have a great weekend!


13 thoughts on “Adult Activities….

  1. When I was a kid we spent many a Sunday afternoon at that ice skating rink, rode the carousel and loved playing skee ball there as well! Just last night I saw a great image of a bridal party shot in front of the old casino. It was done in sepia tone and there was a wonderful reflection of the group in a puddle on the ground. Would love to see Asbury Park finally make a comeback!

  2. What a cool old structure. It’s a shame that something with that much history isn’t being preserved. I like how your image brings out the shadow areas inside.

  3. Very, very cool….I love the bare structure and how you can see inside to the beams that are holding the building together! Awesome composition, man am I loving this building, a photographer’s dream.

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