Impact B+W…

Themed 365 Project

This is Brian Kirk from a recent Brian Kirk and the Jirks concert and I found inspiration for this B+W from a post on the PhotoExtract photography site. I followed the workflow while incorporating my own adjustments to come up with this final product. Emulating the process is fairly easy so if you have any shots that you think would look great with this kind of processing why not post a link in the comments section for all to see. Come on, show us your creativity. Yes Ron you too!


11 thoughts on “Impact B+W…

  1. I agree with the prior comments. Wonderful gritty look. You certainly selected the right image for this look. Thanks for sharing the workflow you used.

    1. Hey Mike,
      This shot was slightly oof because of limitations of light and camera. One reason I choose this processing.

  2. Great image for this technique……thanks for the link….would like to try something similar…..just need to find a portrait that it would work with.

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