It’s All In The Details…

Themed 365 Project

…except in this case. After processing in Photomatix there was just too much going on in the shot so I decided to use Matt Kloskowski’s High Key Lightroom Preset with a few modifications. This toned down the micro details and accentuated the main subject.

Just a short post today as it’s a pretty good football Sunday to finish off the weekend. Enjoy the game, GO NINERS!


12 thoughts on “It’s All In The Details…

  1. Wicked processing. So much detail it’s overwhelming…you took the “Vegas” right out of this and transported us to ancient Rome. Oh, how I love me some Vegas!

  2. It’s great. I still can’t get my head around Less is More? I am not trying to become an anathema, but I love myriad detail and colour only enhances it for me.

  3. Very nice processing to really bring out the right stuff. You should have thrown three coins in this fountain and maybe our niners would have pulled it out.

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