The Beginnings of Modern Technology?

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Karen B, a New Englander, was closest to the correct answer regarding my question from my last post.

According to the Twinlights Lighthouse website, in 1899, Guglielmo Marconi, the Italian pioneer in radio transmission, placed an antenna and receiving station at this lighthouse to demonstrate his Wireless Telegraph. The New York Herald newspaper had hired him to report on the America’s Cup yacht races, which were being held off the tip of Sandy Hook. This demonstration worked so well that Marconi expanded his operations, making Twin Lights the nation’s first wireless telegraph station capable of sending and receiving messages on a regular commercial basis.

So I would go ahead and say that much of our modern wireless communication can be attributed to the pioneering works of Mr. Marconi. More can be learned about Mr. Marconi, should you be so inquisitive, if you go here and for his Nobel Prize accomplishment, you can go here.

As for the photo, I’m not totally thrilled with the composition but it’s the best angle I could get without giving it a nasty case of the lens distortion uglies. My Sigma10-20, or any ultra wide angle for that matter, has a difficult time of rendering a distortion free photo if the focal plane of the mirror isn’t directly parallel with it’s subject. I was positioned fairly low, as you can see, and had to use the lens correction module in Lightroom to minimize the distortion in the building behind the lighthouse. It’s still visible but acceptable. Maybe a tilt-shift lens will be in my future?


13 thoughts on “The Beginnings of Modern Technology?

  1. I like it. I really like how the clouds appear to be radiating outward from the Lighthouse. Being a trivia buff, I apprecaite the info on Marconi.

  2. I would love a tilt shift!!! Hope you get one so I can see the results lol

    Love the down low perspective! Also love how the shadows act as a leading line…nice lighting and brick detailing!

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