A Gorgeous Vista of Sandy Hook and…

Themed 365 Project

…and the rest of the world can be seen and heard(?) from some 200 feet above sea level at the Navesink Lightstation in Highlands, New Jersey.

Did you know that a bit of technology, one that has become part of our everyday lives, may have actually originated from this very spot during the turn of the 20th century? Yes, if my understanding is correct, it’s true and it’s definitely significant. In fact communication amongst many of the participants of the photo challenge at the Village can be directly attributed to this historic event……..better yet… I may have never met Ron if this event hadn’t occurred:) Anybody care to take a stab at the answer? Want a hint?………. A Nobel Peace Prize may be involved. Good Luck!

On another note, I’m pretty excited about 2 new pages to my site, they are located at the top of my home page and showcase some of my significant(IMHO, of course) work. Would love to hear your feedback…….Thanks!


13 thoughts on “A Gorgeous Vista of Sandy Hook and…

  1. Very nice image….as far as the challenge is concerned, I’m guessing perhaps the international telephone…is this where it landed on your side of the pond 😉

  2. I wish we had met Mike cause I surely want to shake your hand for this and a myriad other beautiful shots. This one is so realistic that I want to jump through the laptop screen and feed a coin to your fancy Parking meter, so you don’t get booked! As for your clue Let me see, Technolgy, turn of 20th Century Nobel Peace prize?? Did Native American start slipping Dynamite into the Peace Pipe they were smoking with the invading Europeans? No? I give up!

  3. Guessing something with the internet…no clue though. Loving how realistic this scene it…makes me want to walk into it to take a look through the view finder!

    Your new pages really show off your best work nicely…also like the tutorial page!

  4. Something to do with Marconi and the telegraph? I thought Marconi made the first transmission from Wellfleet on Cape Cod. But, he must have had other sites along the East Coast, too. Great view and gorgeous light as always, Mike.

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