Who Says You Have To See A Face….

Themed 365 Project

….to tell a tale. I think these tight shots do give the viewer insight into the happenings of the day. They really show details of a musicians craft.

Just an update on my Google+ hangout from earlier this week. At it’s peak we had 8 participants over a 2 hour period. Let me tell you, that 2 hours went by in a flash. What was interesting is that one of the participants advocated the old school method of HDR through blending of exposures in Photoshop. We exchanged methods and photos and talked about different scenarios and the applications that would produce the most desired results. We also had a commerical photographer looking for insight into tonemapping methods for his work. All in all it was a great experience meeting people from around the world. I plan on  hosting more of these in the future so stay tuned.


14 thoughts on “Who Says You Have To See A Face….

  1. Love these Mike! Great details and composition. No, you don’t have to have a face 😉 Sorry I couldn’t make the hangout (got home late and had a sick kid to deal with); definitely want to make the next one.

  2. I’d say you captured the excitement of the evening perfectly…love the first image w/ the lights – incredible bokeh…and love the details of those hands in the second image…you almost have me tapping my foot!

    The hang out sounds fun…I need to get a webcam!!!!

  3. There is emotion and simplicity in the details. These photos are wonderful – and I will join one of your hangouts sometime soon – when I stop being a wuss. I’m generally an introvert when it comes to talking with strangers and camera-shy, too. Not the ideal combo for meeting online friends.

  4. As much as I liked the other set, I may like your hand images even more! The close crop in the second one with that wonderful weathered hand is my favorite! I like the angle it was shot from and there’s just enough of the keyboard showing!

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