One of My Quests….

Themed 365 Project

….this year is to shoot more people pictures in different environments. Also vowing to see more live music, I was psyched when I heard the Brian Kirk and the Jirks were playing at the Polar Plunge on new years day. What a better way to attack one of my resolutions for the year than by snapping a few shoots of the band.

In this first shot  band leader Brian Kirk belts out one of their token covers…don’t remember which one but they all sound good.

I’m fairly pleased how my old Canon XTI handled the high iso settings necessary to stop the action.  A shutter speed of 1/150 was the best I could do  at f4…..I also knew that the noise reduction capabilities of Lightroom and Topaz could help in this situation. The overall clarity could be better but it’s not bad for the web.

In this next shot Brian’s got a hold of his trumpet player James Gibbs.

I really like how this shot turned out, pretty clear on James at f4 and 1/45 of a second shutter. My Canon 70-200mm L lens comes through  with flying colors again at 200mm. I guess there’s something to be said for good glass. Do yourself a favor, if your going to stay with this crazy hobby, save up your $$$ and get some good glass as soon as possible. Don’t go with a lens of lower quality in the interim, when your not satisfied you’ll  end up spending more $$$ and  you’ll kick yourself like I did.

I have a few more of these that I will show you in the not to distant future so stay tuned…..



11 thoughts on “One of My Quests….

  1. Great pictures Mike….I’ve said it before but this is one technique I struggle with, people pics. I may have to follow your quest and try it more myself this year.

    I particularly like the second image….great facial expressions

  2. I think the focus is spot on and really not much noise for the settings! Really nice work…I really, really like the 2nd image…nice candid moment!

  3. We totally share the same quest, Mike! I am still learning my camera so I haven’t ventured into photographing people, yet. I have only been at it for a month. I wouldn’t want to be fumbling around with my camera with people waiting. I hope to take on the 100 Strangers Challenge, later this year. Your shots are excellent and full of life!

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