Nuisances: Me Not Being Properly Focused…

Themed 365 Project

 I don’t know about you but my eye is drawn to the wall, I guess because that’s what’s in focus. Damn, I missed it again!

Looking back on this shot I remember being drawn to the converging lines, the texture and colors of the stone and door. What I forgot all about was where I wanted your eye to be drawn to? I guess I should have set this shot up by focusing on the door (sad part is, I don’t remember focusing on anything) with an aperture closer to f/5.6 or so.

I’m curious, how would you have set up this shot? Where would you have set up the camera, what setting would you used? Would you have cropped with this rotation?

Note to self: FOCUS…..on everything.


16 thoughts on “Nuisances: Me Not Being Properly Focused…

  1. For me I would have focused on the square paver central on the path just in front of you! HOWEVER I don’t have your artistic flair! I would have tried to get the shot square on! Can you explain to the great unwashed (ME) why the tilt is important, cause to my Plebian Eye it is distracting, causing some confusion. Just a question (Easy to ignore)

    1. Hey Ron,
      Thanks for replying, Steve’s got it…the tilt gives the shot a bit of energy. The original was very static…this kind of gives the shot a delirious look. Like after a long night of studying for finals or too many drafts at the local pub. Do they do that at Princeton?????

  2. I personally like the tilt….gives the image energy.

    As far as the shot is concerned. I would be looking at light play coming through those arches,,,,it would mean waiting for the right time of day…picking up the textures and detail on the wall and ideal if it produced a darkness in front of a brightly lit door…

    1. Yes Steve, earlier in the day would have gotten me that look as the sun light was actually closer to behind that door.

  3. I really like the light play from the left and those arches much more than the rock wall that takes up almost two thirds of the horizontal of the image. I did a little crop here. I left a little of the tilt in but reduced it and the door really fits the rule of thirds. If I had been there I might have got down closer to the floor to see how that would have looked.

  4. Scott’s crop completely changes the look of this image. The wall certainly does grab my eye. I feel as thought I’m hurtling down the walkway to that distant door.

  5. The tilt really gives this a unique perspective …my eyes too go straight to the wall, but with all the leading lines my eyes end w/ the door (love the lighting on the door). I really love Scott’s crop, it takes away a bit of the wall and doesn’t seem so overwhelming! Loving the idea of getting down low and shooting this (and maybe more towards the arches). I think it would make this door look more grand.

  6. A great post ………..I love reading everyone’s comments and feel that there is a lot to be learned as a result. Being more traditional in my approach, I too would have gone for the straightened look. Think the HDR effect is perfect for this image. As far as focus, I probably would have focused on the second lantern and used an aperture of f18. I will be sure to come back to see what others have to say as I’m here to learn…….has to make you want to go back and shoot it again! Another place you might be interested in shooting is the Moravian Tile Factory in Doylestown PA……don’t know if you’re familiar with that location.

  7. I like the tilted look as it certainly does add movement to all of the stationary walls, arches etc. I do like the crop by Scott however I find the details of the background that show beyond the first arch a bit distracting. Would rather have seen some backlighting define that opening to make it conform to the other repeated arches.

  8. I think the lack of focus down by the door gives it a feeling of motion, like in those dreams where you’re running for the exit but you’re in slow motion and it keeps getting further away and then the floor tilts and you’re holding on to the wall to keep from falling down. Ok, maybe it’s just me that has those. But still, I love the feeling that I get from this and I think it’s way fun even though you didn’t get what you were hoping for (I frustrate myself like this all the time so I sympathize) and there are still some great light/shadows and some very strong lines and interesting shapes. I wouldn’t have created something this visually interesting with this scene, for sure.

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