Beginnings: A Means To The End…

Themed 365 Project

Well, you’ve got to start somewhere right? And why not start out on New Years Day.

One of my goals this year is to take more people shots and what better way to do that then at a charity,  new years day, polar plunge. The entertainment was provided by the widely popular party band Brian Kirk and the Jirks  and let me tell you they had the place rockin for 2+ hours.  Taking shots of these great musicians was really fun and I hope to do more of this kind of photography during the year.

The shots in this post are presented to give you the viewer a sense of the atmosphere on this day….

Above is a shot of the band leader Brian Kirk readying for the 2nd set and below is the bass player Steve Johnson getting the crowd fired up…

Here is the drummer Tom Cottone beating the skins during one of the great tunes of the day…

And finally, guitar player David Pershan belting out a Zeppelin tune that was quite good…

The quality of these shots, when viewed at full size, is quite bad as my old Canon XTI had trouble handling the ISO 800 setting. Maybe it is time for a full framer:)

Stay tuned as I will bring you more up close and personal shots from the event.

11 thoughts on “Beginnings: A Means To The End…

  1. Great shots, Mike! I’m hoping to see some of the plunge as well…….forgot all about it and they would have been so perfect for a photography assignment for “decisive moments”! Enjoying your blog!

  2. Great job in giving one the feel what it was like that day. Really liked the 3rd and 4th shots. Love the motion of the drummer. The perspective in the last photo is great.

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