Sometimes Even The Most Basic Objects Make Great Subjects…

Themed 365 Project

As grandiose as my last post is I think this shot has actually garnishes more of my attention. It did while composing the scene and it does now, even after processing. Don’t know if it’s the simplicity; the lighting; the subject or a combination of all three? What do you think? Am I seeing things?

From a processing standpoint this scene was a pain in the *ss to make presentable. Lighting from the front doors cast such a nasty, yellow color on the wall that I almost trashed the originals. After spending an unsuccessful 40 minutes trying to remove that cast I decided to add a brownish texture layer with the help of Elements 10 and although it doesn’t quite emulate the actual scene, it comes pretty close.

3 shot HDR from shots ranging from 4 to 30 seconds, blended in Photomatix and finished in Elements 10 and Lightroom


15 thoughts on “Sometimes Even The Most Basic Objects Make Great Subjects…

  1. Great processing Mike! I feel this draws me into the image and makes me want to try and sit it the chair because I’m probably not suppose to! Also, it looks like a very peaceful place.

  2. The coloring and processing of this photo is beautiful. You captured a definite old world feel! Even though it is a “simple” subject, you really make it something special and intimate.

  3. Love how dramatic the lighting turns this simple scene into a piece of art! The vignette really brings attention to the main subject.

  4. There is much to like about this image. I love how you’ve captured all the wonderful detail in the wood and how it is highlighted as the subject of your image. You have wonderful clarity throughout and the idea to use a texture to rescue you the wall was such a good idea. I love textures but wouldn’t think to use them in a situation like this. Thanks for this tip!

  5. You’re right. Very intriguing. Makes me wonder who has sat in that chair and where it is. Thanks for being persistent enough to get it right!

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