Is it Photography or is it Art?

Themed 365 Project



It all depends who you talk to….

Do you ever struggle to find a balance between the two in this day of photo manipulation? I did with this shot so I decided to post both.


13 thoughts on “Is it Photography or is it Art?

  1. I think your processing is subtle enough that if you wouldn’t have told me it was processed, I might not have guessed that it was. So….both of these are photos, in my mind.

  2. A few years back I worked in a job where I sometimes sold cameras. One of the first things I always tried to establish was whether the purchaser or eventual user of the camera was what I called a “picture taker” or a “picture maker”. They both have very important functions in this world, but unless it’s a photo of a friend or family member I almost always prefer the images that come from the “picture maker”. That is very obviously what you are. Keep it up. I definitely prefer the second one.

  3. You know what? I just don’t sweat it anymore. I’m not doing what I do for others to evaluate or categorize………I suppose they can if they need to but I create what feels right to me.

    p.s. these are both photographs to me…………and art as well.

    1. Thanks Julie, I don’t create these pieces of “art” or “photography” for anyone in particular either. I guess I pose these questions as a path to increasing my knowledge through the thoughts of other people. As you know I’m always okay with anybody liking or disliking my photography. I’m more curious as to the why. Is there something I’m missing….a theory, a fact, a perspective, a detail or an accepted or unaccepted “rule” that I’m not aware of? I will not automatically conform to anything in photography just because someone says so. I use it to better myself as a photographer in whatever direction these influences take me. Make sense?
      As always, thanks for all your comments.

      1. The whole topic of what motivates us and how viewers’ reactions affect us is really interesting. I’m always up for a conversation on this sort of thing. Happy New Year, Mike!

  4. I think there is a very fine line between the two and is in the eyes of the beholder. To me, architecture is a piece of art…it is someone’s vision of design. Love both versions of the image…but if I had to pick it would be the photograph…love how the details are so dimensional (and to me that design is art). 🙂

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