Another Archive Find…

Themed 365 Project

I don’t know how I didn’t see this one. They seem to just keep getting better.

Have you been in your archives lately? Also do you delete questionable shots right away? Just wondering…..


8 thoughts on “Another Archive Find…

  1. That’s really pretty, Mike.

    I’m starting to do a serious cull with every import. I have tended to keep pretty much everything in the past and it is pretty ridiculous. Of course, I don’t have near as many keepers as you would. 😉

  2. Great light. Glad you unearthed it.

    I am a digi-photo hoarder. It’s ridiculous. I keep every sharp, blurry, dull, fabulous photo. The bad ones, I think that maybe someday I’ll learn some Photoshop technique to fix (haha – not much you can do with blurry). I really need to get better about tossing the junkers. In my real life, I don’t like clutter at all.

  3. Good thing you found this one and I like the toning and the clouds on the previous one even better. I tend to keep some that I should have deleted way too long.

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