Back to an Old Favorite…

Themed 365 Project

If you visit my blog enough you’ve heard me say that the 59th Street Pier is truly one of my favorite subjects to photograph. It really does have quite a different feel each time I visit and this day was no exception. The lighting and this duotone effect is just perfect for this particular day.

I’m in the process of researching components for a new desktop and if any of my readers have any suggestions I’ll gladly listen. My main goal is to optimize my new computer to allow less waiting time mainly in Lightroom and other editing programs. I’m also unsure as to which processor and video card to include in the system. Any of your thoughts are greatly appreciated.


6 thoughts on “Back to an Old Favorite…

  1. Another beautiful image!

    Computer shopping: My desktop is a quad-core AMD processor w/8GB of RAM and I rarely have to wait at all to render Topaz effects (especially since the upgrade to TA5). Photomatix processed fairly quickly as well. It also renders video very quickly (I do a lot of instructional videos for my classes). I have a laptop with an Intel i5 processor and it’s pretty fast as well (6 GB of RAM in that). Both machines have discrete video cards, but neither are high end. The passmark website at will allow you to compare different processors and video cards. If you miss the Christmas bargains, there’s always the back-to-school sales in early January!

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