365: The letter D……Dunny:)

Themed 365 Project

As a king of useless information I present today’s lesson……. this structure is known as a dunny in Australia, an aldaco in Chile, a patente in Brazil and a biffy for all you girl scouts. Do you know what we call it here in North America????? Come on Aussie, you know! Yes, it’s an outhouse and, well….. I don’t think I have to give you a lesson on what goes on in one of these:) So there you go, your new found piece of useless information to impress your friends with.

Upon a closer look you might be a bit perplexed as to the reference to 2011 on the front of the dunny. Well, this is just a guess but maybe they did a complete outhouse remodel, complete with a new Toto siphen jet toilet. Now that’s what a call luxury! This is a pretty crappy post so I’ll just end it here…….. boy, I think I could go on and on with this one. Any thoughts??????????


6 thoughts on “365: The letter D……Dunny:)

  1. What a fancy Dunny Dude! Ours in Aussie tend to b e more utilitarian and no-where near as trendy as that. Some of the places I vivited recently had the trapdoor at the back so that the pan could be removed weekly by the Night Soil Technicians or as we called em in our Youth – Dunny Carters!
    Love being edified by you Yanks LOL – Averitable Palace, after your processing!

  2. I have to confess that, as a young Brazilian, this was the first time I’ve heard the term ‘patente’ to refer to such place. I remember one of this in grandma’s farm, they used to call it ‘casinha’ (little house)…a ‘soft’ nickname, don’t you think?
    Thanks to you, I’m learning about my own language 🙂

  3. Then there is the phrase ‘built like a brick s—house’ Who knew they would be so striking?
    Those trees bug me; all the twiggy growth from the trunk doesn’t look healthy

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