365: Everyday Sights…

Themed 365 Project

Old homes like this are fairly common place here in Monmouth County NJ but this home got my eye today. It’s not like I haven’t seen it before but I guess the lighting today made me have to pull over and snap a few brackets. I decided to go a bit over the top on the processing, just for something different…..change is good I’m told. Anyway I’d like to get your thoughts on this as more of an art piece than a photograph. So, give it to me full barrel with all your positive and negative thoughts….go ahead I can take it!


8 thoughts on “365: Everyday Sights…

  1. I love the way the clouds radiate from the house, and the reflections of the sky and trees in the windows. The texture of the siding, fence and grass are wonderful. This image is a winner.

  2. This is really neat, Mike. The house is an odd mix of newness and oldness together. Like Bonnie, I really like the reflections in the windows. I think the processing is great and I don’t generally have a very high appreciation for overdone HDR. My only critique would be that I think the feeling of isolation would be emphasized if the tree weren’t right behind the house. But, to me it is quite a strong image anyway.

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