365: Remembrance….

Themed 365 Project

The Fisherman’s Memorial Statue is located at Loughran’s Point Park along the Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey side of the Manasquan Inlet. He stands tall, watching over the fishing vessels as they leave, and greets them upon return. Unfortunately, not every fishing vessel that enters the Atlantic Ocean through the Manasquan Inlet returns. The names of those vessels and fishermen lost at sea are inscribed along the wooden fence which surrounds the Fisherman’s Memorial Statue. He is a guiding light for all vessels and is a reminder of just how threatening the ocean can be sometimes.

Just downloaded Elements 10 from Amazon for $45 after using 5 for so long. Have to say, a bit disappointed as not much has changed with the exception of masks and quick selection tool. Not a great addition as I had Grants Tools with 5 and it offered masking. I do like the interface and a few other changes. Glad I didn’t spend much on the upgrade.



6 thoughts on “365: Remembrance….

  1. I agree, lovely composition and lighting capture. I’ve always had a healthy respect for the ocean and here the statue and the rough water bring this point home!

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