365: Isolation…

Themed 365 Project

About a mile and a half of dunes isolate you from any view of the Barnegat Lighthouse until you arrive at the very end of the barrier island and this is the scene that presents itself. If almost looks as though the beach is covered with a fresh blanket of snow but no, this is the beautiful color of the sand all along Island Beach State Park. What’s cool is that you can drive on the beach with a permit but not me I started to hoof it the whole way until one of the park rangers gave me a lift. Boy that was a godsend considering the wind was in my face at about 25 mph.

As this was my second visit to this area I’ve determined that any picture of the lighthouse has to include the dunes as without any interesting cloud cover, the lighthouse is, by itself, boring. I hope that this shot and the one below help prove my point.


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