365: The Letter T…

Themed 365 Project

Well, Ron is always worried about the theme police and the repercussions of theme stretching but not me and in this shot I’ve got it covered with both an upper and lower case T. How’s that Ronny boy, see’em and weep:)

Just kidding of course, I have to say I am pleasantly surprised at the number of decent shots from my little outing this weekend. I must have been to this spot a dozen times and have never had many keepers, so I’m glad I decided to go. This is of course a HDR and the best part of it is that it doesn’t appear to be tone-mapped, kudos to the people at Photomatix on this latest version. Nice job!


8 thoughts on “365: The Letter T…

  1. Very pretty. The leading line of the dock is fabulous. I have places that I’ve been to many times without being able to get nice shots – it’s so rewarding when you finally get it right (as you did).

  2. I guess that T can stand for Totem and that looks like the old runic symbols Tiwaz and Nuadiz combined, There buddy is stretched YOUR theme even further than youdid, LOL Boy you did get some doozies on that trip. Well Done.

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