365: Reflection…

Themed 365 Project

This was the shot I had to have from my early morning walk over the weekend. The dynamic range of light was too much for the cameras sensor so I had to bracket this scene and as you can tell I didn’t quite cover the whole range(the sun is blown out). But nonetheless I’m really happy with the outcome.

Speaking of outcomes, my daughter had an appointment with a pediatric cardiologist today and got a clean bill of health. I didn’t go but my wife said the doctor was outstanding. Spending 2 and a half hours with my daughter explaining the condition and educating her on details of managing SVT. She will be just fine and I want to thank everyone who expressed there concern for my daughter. Your thoughts are greatly appreciated!

9 thoughts on “365: Reflection…

  1. First off – SO glad to hear good news about your daughter!

    Secondly – WOW! The clouds (both real and reflected) are amazing in this shot. Fabulous!!

  2. SVT is new to me and I have had a CABG (Pronounced Cabbage) (But you Knew that) (Cardio Arterial Bypass Graft) but I was 47, must be scary to her and you, all She has you in support, and great medical support. Looking Good Dude! As is the beautiful HDR “Blown Out Sun, SHmown out balldadash!”

  3. Wow this picture really draws you in, mesmerising in fact! Good news about your daughter’s condition too, it helps to understand why it happened and how to manage it effectively.

  4. Great news for your daughter.
    This shot is so interesting because of the color on one side and the bareness on the other. Love the reflections too.

    OBTW, my blog is finally back, restored and in full swing.

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