365: Amazing…

Themed 365 Project

Sometimes you just don’t need multiple exposures to obtain full dynamic range and get a result like this. The side light was just perfect to utilize my 3 stop GND filter to get what I think is a perfect exposure. This is a shot straight out of the camera, underexposed by a half step.

With a few exceptions, the fall colors are basically on the ground at this point here in New Jersey. So,  you can understand my excitement when I found this gem. In a few short weeks I’ll have to find something else to focus my camera on. What do you have in mind for the long winter months? Let us know.

Hey, you can also keep up with me and several other photobloggers on Google+, just go here. It’s pretty exciting what’s going on there for photographers.


4 thoughts on “365: Amazing…

  1. Looks about like northern Illinois right now, Mike. Got some nice color & reflections yesterday (11/5), but today is windy & gray. Hope your daughter is doing well!

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