365: The Letter C…

Themed 365 Project

A weekend of firsts for me on 2 counts. Took my 2 girls and their friends to my older daughters high school football game. They’ve never been to a high school game and they didn’t even care if I stayed, how bout that? Secondly, I had a go at photographing the football action. I enjoyed it and despite not being exactly close to the action, I got a few good shots. I need to find out how to get access to the sidelines to get some real keepers.

Speaking of sidelines and fields I found out the football field at Colts Neck High School, home of the Cougars( hence the theme),  is dedicated to a former principal at the school. The name, believe it or not………….. McChesney Field.


5 thoughts on “365: The Letter C…

  1. Nice action shots – I had fun shooting football a few weeks ago. I was all over the sidelines, but I’m sure that’s no surprise to anybody 🙂

    I think Tammy needs to pay a visit to her field.

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