365: Through A Window…

Themed 365 Project

Through a window,  straight out of the camera and into your blog reader, this beautiful sunset presented itself to me a few weeks ago. Sorry for such infrequent posting and comments on your blogs, I guess I’m kind of losing steam with my third 365 challenge. I do hope to get out the next few days to capture some early fall scenery. Hopefully sparking a new wave of enthusiasm for blogging. Hows everyone else feeling at this stage of the challenge? Just wondering…..


11 thoughts on “365: Through A Window…

  1. Beautiful shot. I keep meaning to get out at sunset (since I won’t do sunrise) but haven’t made it.

    As for the challenge, I definitely have had my moments of losing steam, but I’m really happy that I haven’t missed a day yet, I have all 52 “free theme”s left and I can see the end in sight…….so I am hoping to make it all the way. It will be a big accomplishment for me for many reasons (sticking to a hobby, have never kept a “diary” of any sorts, etc.)

  2. I do love your sunset photos Mike! I have gotten very lazy since finishing my Project365…and I only did 1! Kudos to you for continuing so long. I hope to find some enthusiasm for myself soon as I need to practice photographing people for a wedding I’ve been asked to do in February. I’ll pass it along if I find some. 🙂

  3. Gorgeous!

    I’m in year 3 and am fading, too, though I still haven’t missed a day. I’m uber-busy at work, so no time for fresh photos, I’m working my way through the stash I took over the year. I’m hoping for some fall outings soon, like you, to spark my mojo.

  4. Beautiful sunset!
    This is our first 365 challenge. We have learned so much by traveling through the various blogs, and never tire of seeing the world through our fellow bloggers eyes. The digital world has allowed us the opportunity to shoot more images and become much more creative in the process. The camera follows us where ever we go these days.

  5. Funny you should mention losing steam. I feel the same way. However, I would like to be able to say to myself (no one else is keeping score) that I finished the challenge. Let’s both gear up and keep going!
    BTW – beautiful sunset!

  6. Awesomely beautiful! I’m on again/off again with posting but I never quit taking photos as that is my REAL passion. Once posting becomes a duty, the fun is gone. I find it hard to keep up with the comments and feel guilty posting if I don’t comment. I really do love seeing everyone else’s photos and what turns their crank. Have learned alot too. It’s fun to be able to travel photographically to places I know I’ll never be able to visit.

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