365: The Weekend…

Themed 365 Project

Last weekend I decided to go shoot at a local airport in my area as the Wings of Freedom were in town. My dad and brother went as well and we had a real good time. I had delusions of grandeur thinking that I could shoot with little to no people in my shots because as you can see there was quite a turnout to see this B17 Flying Fortress, a B24 Liberator and the P51 Mustang from my previous post.

These are amazing aircraft and boy can they tell a story! When climbing inside this particular plane I could get a real good idea(minus the actual combat, of course) of the conditions the men had to work under. Kind of sad but I don’t think many people in today’s generation could handle it. The experience sure gave me a new found respect for the men and women who protect our nation.

Of course getting out with my brother and dad also made it a great weekend.

6 thoughts on “365: The Weekend…

    1. initially I didn’t want the people but it does give you a sense of scale. HDR will bring out the details a bit.

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