365: Joy

Themed 365 Project

Tammy took notice in that I don’t post very many people pictures and she’s right. But I’m vowing to take more over the next few months and hopefully they’ll be good enough to post here. BTW, just a quick thank you to all who have been paying attention to my little blog here on the net. I never imagined that I would have 50-60 people a day paying attention to my pictures. Thanks!!!!

I know that the dogs in my families lives truly bring joy to them each and every day. This can be evidenced in this shot of my niece and Rocky from this past weekend! As much as I initially like the previous shot, I think I like this better. What do you think?

PS…Looking at this on the net and I’m not happy! Compression killed this shot!


7 thoughts on “365: Joy

  1. You are too hard to please! The girl is trying hard to please the photographer (And doing a bloody good job) and Rocky is by nature, extatic at giving her some Joy. Yes, this is the better photo, and is beautiful.

  2. I’ll not decide between the two (but in the shot before you got his eyes- hard to do) but this is so perfectly exposed, black dogs are a trick I think and especially next to such a fair and lovely girl.

  3. The joy they find in each others company is evident in your photo. It is more difficult to photograph animals and people and usually requires many shots to get that one “perfect” one. You have the additional difficulty of the large color contrast between subjects which is compounded by the bright sunshine. But I love the feeling of this photo…I think with your processing skills, you could play with it a bit more too and maybe end up more pleased with it. As others have said, you are entirely too critical of yourself. Don’t give up on your people/pet photos…am sure you’ll master them in no time!

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