To The Stars Texture…

Themed 365 Project

I have to thank Karen B. for helping me with this one! Over at Google+ Karen, Tammy, Gisele and a few others have gathered for a new kind of social media and I used that platform to contact Karen to help me with this shot. I was having a bear of a time trying to select the ferris wheel to add a texture when I got the idea to call on the “Expert in Elements” to school me on the latest and greatest on object selection. After a failed attempt(on my end) to follow Karen’s directions she offered to do a video describing the steps. Low and behold about 25 minutes later Karen orchestrated a fantastic video on how to select those hard to select objects(in my case the ferris wheel) in your photos. I’ll give you a little hint….threshold layer.

Thanks again Karen and I hope to see a few other photo bloggers over at Google+.

10 thoughts on “To The Stars Texture…

  1. Love the results, Mike! And maybe we’ll get more friends on Google+, too. I’ll have to redo that video for my web site, too — different photo (I won’t use yours), same principal.

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