The Waiting…

Themed 365 Project

I took several shots from this spot and every minute or so I could see she was looking around as if she was waiting for someone. It wasn’t till I walked up to the dunes that I saw someone arrive, she seemed relieved. I wonder if she felt as though I was “creeping”(as my kids would say) while taking this picture?


7 thoughts on “The Waiting…

  1. I suppose she was wondering what kind of “creep” you were…there are lots of wolves in sheeps clothing, you know, and sometimes it’s scary to be a woman! I sure hope her meeting was all she hoped it would be!

  2. Oh man Mike, creeping is the creepiest (at least that is what my boys tell me)!

    I love the sense of isolation in this image….really good idea to include her into the composition….it tells a story.

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