NJ is Under Water…

Themed 365 Project

Just a few shots of the preparation and water from Irene. Many parts of NJ are in bad shape. We got lucky!

Considering we got 11 inches of water, outside my house is not too bad.

The rest were taken this morning just to show that the Atlantic is still angry with Irene.

10 thoughts on “NJ is Under Water…

  1. Looks like your plants and trees weathered okay. Glad to see it. I ‘ll bet there were some great shots to get if you could get them without being in danger from the storm. Sure glad you are okay.

  2. I am so glad you made it through the storm w/ minimal damage. I love the shots of the waves, it really demonstrates the fury!

  3. Interesting to look at these scenes from afar. Glad you survived. Over-preparation is so much better than under! mother nature is much to fickle to gamble with as two 100 year events CAN happen back to back!

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