It’s an Honor…

Themed 365 Project

….to have been part of an event to celebrate a veteran who has done more of his fair share to protect this country.

Not only is Sunset Beach in Cape May a beautiful place to watch the sun descend below the horizon but for the last 40 years the proprietors have done a beautiful job at honoring the veterans from around our country in a a simple yet moving ceremony.

All of the flags that  fly at the mast are veterans’ casket flags that have been donated by the families and each night one veteran is honored with a simple eulogy and flag lowering ceremony. For me there is nothing as thought provoking than to watch the sun set over the Delaware Bay while taps plays and Old Glory is lowered for the evening. If you have not experienced this emotionally moving tradition and are anywhere near Cape May, I highly recommend the trip.

Below is the family of the veteran honored the night we attended…


13 thoughts on “It’s an Honor…

  1. Very nice tribute. I’ve been to Cape May, but don’t know where this is. Who exactly sponsors this? I’m not sure who “the proprietor” is referring to. What do they own?

    1. The proprietor is the owner of the land(sunset beach, etc) It’s over by the Cape May Lighthouse on Sunset Blvd… it!

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