Just Another Boring Sunrise…

Themed 365 Project

As you can see the sky was alive this morning in Ocean City. With a 30 second exposure you can obviously see the movement in the clouds but not enough to cover the lights of Atlantic City just above the jetty.

I was fortunate enough to meet another photographer by the name of Jeff and he and I were here every morning like clockwork. He was a nice guy and a pretty talented photographer. His version of this can be seen here. I really like his portrait version on this day.

The shot below was taken about 3/4 hour later as the sun made it’s way above the horizon, seems like a completely different day.

7 thoughts on “Just Another Boring Sunrise…

  1. The movement in that sky is incredible…It almost feels like I was there on the beach w/ you guys….absolutely STUNNING!

  2. I really like the movement of the clouds with that beautiful sunrise! Your photos always make me wish I lived closer to the coast.

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