Believe It or Not…

Themed 365 Project

…I’m really happy with the way shot turned out.

Part of our first day during our camping trip is always dedicated to finding something new within a short distance from the camp site. Buttermilk Falls happened to be a little farther than anticipated and basically in the middle of nowhere but well worth the effort. At approximately 150 to 200 feet high(depending on who you believe) these falls are the highest in New Jersey.

We got lucky all weekend and our trip here was no exception…normally water flow at these falls is minimal at best in August but due to our recent rains the water was tumbling nicely down the rock face. Perfect for that silky look with slower shutter speeds. Cloud cover kept contrasts to a minimum but still allowed me to photograph all the great shades of green and yellow without blowing out the highlights at the top of the falls.

I’m pretty excited with the cache of photos I have for the next few weeks so stay tuned and always let me know your thoughts, please. As always thank’s for stopping by.


11 thoughts on “Believe It or Not…

  1. That silky smooth water against those wonderful shades of green is absolutely brilliant..a new favorite of mine (or did I say that last time) 🙂

  2. This is a beautiful shot, Mike. Are there special considerations for making an HDR of a moving subject like this? It kind of baffles me….

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