The Forecast Called for ….

Themed 365 Project

… pain, from a photographers standpoint because the weather experts were predicting absolutely clear skies and little to no wind.  Which basically means boring shots and lots of biting gnats. Good thing only one of those came to fruition.

As you can see the sky had it’s own way of dealing with the absence of clouds so, I just snapped away….and it’s a good thing I did because those damn gnats were having a feast on any exposed skin, which resulted in most of these shots being soft and blurry. It’s never the photographers fault right?

Within minutes the sky transformed itself from a single diagonal ray to multiple rays….. filling the sky…

And just when I thought the fun was over with the sun rays all but gone, I snapped this…

So despite the pain of a few dozen bug bites, all in all it was a great morning. The skies cooperated and the bug bites didn’t itch…..what else could I ask for…… a few clouds please? And boy did I get some, so stay tuned.


10 thoughts on “The Forecast Called for ….

  1. OMG the best so far…the lighting and colors are just so perfect! Definitely worth the bug bites (although better on you than me)!

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