Not Too Bad For Day 2…

Themed 365 Project

I passed this building each morning before getting to the pier and although not the most aesthetically pleasing I had to take a few brackets just because it was a perfect candidate for HDR. In the regular exposure the lights were blown out and the foreground had little to no details. Well tonemapping took care of that quite nicely. I know I can’t stay away from HDR but fear not…. In the next 2 shots very little was done in post so I consider them SOOC:) and it’s certainly not HDR, although I tried it with 9 bracketed shots but the results just weren’t what I was looking for. At this time of day I really like the angle of this first shot and got the bonus of a few shore birds to boot…

If you’ve seen other shots of the 59th Street pier you know that this next shot is a common perspective and although in this series I’m trying to present the pier in as many different angles as possible sometimes you just have to go back to old faithful and allow the uniqueness of the day to present the subject in a different manner. I think the shot speaks for itself….

With quite a few shots “in the tin”, I consider day 2 a successful day.

I have other shots that I might post on Google+. You can join and check them out here. As always I’m looking to hear your thoughts and thank you again for looking and commenting.


6 thoughts on “Not Too Bad For Day 2…

  1. HDR totally works with that first image, the details are amazing and I love the bright glow from the lights! My favorite is pic #3, I agree with you about the boat, but the colors are amazing! The reflections in the sooc shot are just beautiful…especially w/ the birds frolicking around! More outstanding shots. I love how you are playing w/ different processing techniques!

  2. Something weird with this post. If I look at it in my reader, the third shot is the boat. If I actually click on it, the first two shots are the same (house, pier) but the last one is the pier with the sun behind it…not the shot with the boat.

    1. Thanks Gisele….. that’s because I posted that picture first and then edited my post to exclude that shot….. the boat shot was posted to my google + wall and taken out of the blog!
      If you click on the link above it will take you to my google account or just look me up!

  3. It’s great revisiting the pier always something just a bit different still resulting in fabulous shots. I think you should coin the phrase “I consider them SOOC” – still appreciating your effort.

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