Let the Challenge Begin…

Themed 365 Project

I  promised myself that I would capture 1 good shot a day of the 59th St. pier while vacationing in Ocean City. That meant getting up at 5am every morning with the intention of biking almost 40 blocks to the site. A lofty goal I might say. Well, my journey didn’t start out to well when I completed my test ride in 25 minutes. Much too long a bike ride at 5am. So plan B gets me there in 9 minutes with time to spare. I’m good to go.

Day 1 I wake up with no problem and I’m a bit excited as it’s relatively cloudy, could it be a good first day? Well…….I get to the site within 9 minutes and it’s still dark and it remained dark most of the morning as clouds filled the sky, not allowing more than an ounce of color for 99% of the morning. This was about as good as it got ……

Not exactly what I was looking for but it does fulfill my SOOC obligations. I managed to get the look of the water I was after with a 10 second exposure but the rest……pure cr….p!

It wasn’t until just before I was getting ready to leave that I managed a decent shot and even this had to be jazzed up with tonemapping….

Day 1 wraps up without a keeper in the tin (Peter Lik quote) but I have a whole week to look forward to, it can only get better right? Well………


8 thoughts on “Let the Challenge Begin…

  1. I do like the starkness of these images and the cross type shapes on the remains of your pier (or whatever it would be called). Hope the weather was conducive to a good vacation anyway or was the beach too cold to enjoy?

  2. If these are not keepers I don’t know what is….I am looking forward to seeing the ones you think turned out lol Wonderful compositions and I love the reflections in the first image!

  3. I like the second shot a lot – especially because of the cross on the 3rd pole in on the left. I wish I had mentioned I was going down to OC before I went, because I would have liked to have gone down there (but not at 5am).

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