From Macro to Ultra Wide…

Themed 365 Project

Closing the book on my visit to the bike show with this one. It certainly gives an overall perspective of the bike rally @ 10mm, doesn’t it? I feel like I’m really getting the hang of this lens and it’s capabilities at this extreme focal length. I recently took some rather close up shots at the beach and just love the look one gets at this length as well. Will show you some of those as well as my series on the 59th St. pier starting later this week. Stay tuned.

I was wondering how many of our challenge members have signed on to the new Google+ project? I’ve been involved for about a weeks time and it’s pretty neat. Karen B. seems to be the only other person I have from the 365er’s. Anyway, they have a few cool features and one is called a hangout. Basically it’s a circle of people taking part in video conferencing with web cams. Karen and I would like to give it a try if anyone would like to join in. Talking photography(of course) and anything else that comes to mind(Ron).  Signing up is easy and even better than Facebook….you still own your shots, much better control of privacy etc. etc.

If your interested and need help let me know (I’m not volunteering Karen, but I’m sure she’ll help you as well). Maybe we can take this challenge to the next level with Google+.


7 thoughts on “From Macro to Ultra Wide…

  1. This is just an amazing composition and processing…love it!

    I have google + but have not had time to play w/ it much…I will have to take a look at it. If you guys end up hanging out – let me know.

  2. I love that wide-angle shot, too. Amazing! And I’ll be glad to help out with Google+ – the little that I know about it so far. I guess I’ll have to stay presentable for the hangout, since it’s a videoconference. No day-glo green and pink flamingo PJs.

  3. So many components to like in this shot! Looks like you are adapting very well to the wide angle.

    I have the same thought process as Karen – video conferencing = real clothes, hair and makeup, lol.
    Have just stumbled on Google + will need to explore it. Hey Mike how about doing a video tutorial for those of us that are technically challenged?

  4. Big Sky Country – By the looks of it. I checked out Google+ mike and it seems Mobile centric to me and that isn’t how I live my life and startup Social Network Apps always worry me (Even Google).

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