An Interesting Evening…

Themed 365 Project

I was a little out of my element while attending bike night at The Cabin here in Howell NJ. I was about the only person with a dslr and not sporting jeans and biker boots. As I walked around I did have a few people ask or just assume that I was with a biker magazine because they would start talking shop about all these bikes and needless to say I couldn’t add much to the conversation because I had no idea of what they were talking about. Eventually a few of them figured it out and walked away while others just kept talking,  I’d just nod my head. Can you say…awkward.

At least I saw some neat bikes and a great sky.

Then things got really interesting when a 90ish year old lady flew in the parking lot with a beat up old Chevy and flagged me down…she needed help, she says. Well, that was an understatement. As I stopped my car she opened her drivers side door and proceeded to get half way out with the car still moving forward….okay that’s just the start. The conversation goes something like this…….. Lady: I just came from a funeral(dressed in beach or night gown attire and flipflops) and the car she is driving just came down from heaven…. Mike: Okay?….. Lady: I need you to tell me where the ashtray is(although, I don’t smoke) and how does the air-conditioning work.  Mike: I point to where the ashtray should be and then show her how to move the buttons for the air-conditioning…. Lady: Okay, so let me ask you something else, why does water drip from the windshield when I put on the air-conditioning? Mike: I don’t know, maybe you have the defroster on?….. The lady then bends down to pick something up and her wig falls off…. So now I’m thinking that there’s something wrong with her and she shouldn’t be driving to say the least…. Mike: I say, well I really need to be going( to call the cops, that is) and she says please wait…I have something to give you….she pulls out a pamphlet about God…… Mike: thank you but I don’t need that! Off I go and call the police. I tell the dispatcher that there is a woman that shouldn’t be driving because she’s disoriented……… Dispatcher says….What makes you think that? Mike says: Wellllll…… where do I start?

Needless to say I felt really bad for her and can only hope that someone got to her before she started driving again….boy, I just can’t wait til my 15 year old starts driving next year???!!???!!


11 thoughts on “An Interesting Evening…

  1. Mike, your story was kind of sad, but I was cracking up reading it anyway. It did, however, take my attention away from the amazing photo. Fabulous sky!! Glad you got a chance to look up from under the dripping, ashtray-free dash…

  2. That’s sad….although it made me think of the driving scene in Harold and Maude (and Ruth Gordon really did not know how to drive). I love the sky in this shot.

  3. Mike! I love the Photo, but am ashamed of you, You and I are both proof positive that there are nutters roaming everywhere, and all she did was offer you redemption (Big Chance- LOL) and one terrific dinner story – Loved to hear her questions! Hope it was true, not just the residue of some smoke that wafted your way at the bike meet!

  4. Right thing to do, Mike! She probably suffered from dementia… I’ve heard many similar hair-raising stories about people who shouldn’t be driving. Sounds like a really weird evening – but you got a great photo. 😉

  5. Very sad, but I have to admit, your story had me chuckling out loud! I am in love with this image…I love how you made the colors pop and how that sky seems to be moving! Awesome!

  6. Such amazing range of color and tone! This ought to be next year’s poster. Your story made me think of Harold and Maude too, My mom quit driving with no push but we were working up to it.

  7. Great photo and funny (altho so sad…and dangerous) story. There definitely should be more control on who is able to drive etc! Hope she doesn’t take out some innocent person down the road! Kudos to you for trying to get her off the road!

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