I’m Flying Solo, I’m Flying Solo…

Themed 365 Project

Shortly after shooting my last post I came across this boogie board, did a little rearranging of the subject and snapped off a few brackets. After running some of the brackets through photomatix and not being too impressed with the results I decided to export to Elements and mask in some of my favorite parts of each shot. I then finished it off in Lightroom.

Patti made a comment on one of my last posts about single exposure shots and it got me thinking about trying to focus a bit more on singular shots instead of blended or tone mapped photos. Well, I’m going to try and go back to basics, now I don’t know if this post will conform since I blended a few images, but it’s a start.

PS: This may be hard to accomplish now that I just viewed a HDR webcast with RC and Matt on Kelby Training website……. very informative and worthy of a look! It will be re-aired sometime over the next 2-3 days so look for it at www.kelbytraining.com/webcasts.

Single shot with my Canon XTI and Sigma 10-20mm and blended in Elements and finished in Lightroom.


5 thoughts on “I’m Flying Solo, I’m Flying Solo…

  1. Come on Just put me in the water, so I can show off my moves. (P.S. In Australia a Boomer is a Killer Wave that literally crushes the surfer! Food for thought)

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