To Standout in a Crowd…

Themed 365 Project

In today’s world what makes common, everyday sights standout? With millions and millions of photographers out there what makes viewers gravitate to your photo’s? Is is your specific style, subject, processing technique?  If you care to share your thoughts on your own photography please do, would love to hear it. I guess that’s my thought of the day. Besides paying the bills, painting my garage, etc, etc:)

12 thoughts on “To Standout in a Crowd…

  1. I think capturing everyday things in a unique way draws people to a photo. Also the colors and moods it creates. Or sometimes a photo is a spark to ignite a memory from the past.

  2. I photograph things/people/places that I want to remember at any given time, if they speak to someone else that’s a bonus, but for now it’s just for my own pleasure and desire to improve that I photograph anything. That’s not to say that I don’t appreciate the influence and talent of others, but I feel slightly overwhelmed sometimes by all the latest processing fads that come and go so I dabble when I feel like it and don’t worry if I fall behind, it’s not a race after all. It’s good to question why you do what you do, even if sometimes you can’t come up with an answer….

  3. Love your bokeh here! I photograph first of all as memory prompts for my life which seems to pass much too quickly… and second for my own pleasure. I’m with Jackscrap in that if someone else finds enjoyment from my photos/story, then that’s a bonus. I’d rather not spend hours processing one image at this point as I feel I’d rather be out taking photos and mastering my shots in camera as much as possible. But it’s fun to gain the knowledge to fix the shot that cannot be done over or enhance and give multiple points of view to another photo.

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