Themed 365 Project

I want to get a closer shot…… damn, I hate when that happens!


8 thoughts on “Prohibited…..

  1. If they want the birds to stay off they should post their warnings in Swahili, Lithuanian and perhaps Urdu too! Gtrat mood shot of a prospective diner.

  2. Well, the heron certainly didn’t obey, so why do you have to? 😉

    Thanks for the link to yesterday’s HDR tut. I used it on (tomorrow’s) image and have been having great fun playing with RAW files in PM.

  3. Great image and great fun – it’s a good thing we have more than one lens! By the way thanks for the encouragement with my HDR photos — more to come!

  4. I like the ropes in the first photo adding some contrast. What’s a little sign? Pfft.

    (p.s. I answered your questions about my processing on the “Oops” photo on my blog)

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