Looking Forward to….

Themed 365 Project

…our little vacation, close to home in Ocean City,  New Jersey.  I know Gisele gave you a little preview from here a few weeks ago but I’m planning to take a ride on my bike every morning to this spot, the 59th street pier and show you the sunrise….Jersey style. Now there are quite a few other things to see around here so I’m hoping to have many shots to put on showcase for ya’ll….as they say.

I don’t anticipate the pier to be quite so desolate as this, as this was taken back in early March with very few people around. Although it is summer but I don’t think too many people will be up at 5:00am when I plan to arrive.

Anyway, we just got back from 3 softball games today with my youngest daughter and I’m happy to say no one got heat exhaustion even with it being 106 on the field. The girls played well and now it’s time to swim at grandma’s………AHHHHHHHH!


10 thoughts on “Looking Forward to….

  1. We can divide and conquer Ocean City – you do that sunrise nonsense with the pretty colors and I’ll do regular hours stuff, like fudge 🙂

  2. I;m looking forward to seeing more of this place, this is so well composed and the light is fantastic. I love the idea of you and Gisele tag teaming, maybe get Madelaine too…
    Glad no one melted in the heat.

  3. i’m with christina – fabulous. have a great time in ocean city… and thanks for planning on getting up so early, you do sunrise i’ll do sunset:)

  4. Great shot. It’s got the texture in the sand, the fence that winds around and the remnants of the pier. It all comes together really well.

  5. Hope the weather cooperates. I am looking forward to seeing the sunrise Jersey style. Love this image . . . the lines, textures, color. . .

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